About Us

"Ko te whakaora, he hīkoi whakāmarama. Māna anō tōna ake ara whakaora e whakarau"

"A journey of discovery where an individual leads their own unique process of moving forwards"

About Comcare

Comcare is a New Zealand registered Charitable Trust whose purpose is to assist people who experience mental illness and addictions live well in the Canterbury community.

Established in 1987, the early emphasis was on assisting people who had experienced long stays in mental institutions integrate into local communities. Since that time, the Trust has evolved and broadened its services to remain at the cutting edge of modern mental health practice. The Trust provides a rich and diverse range of Social Housing and Mental Health Support Services to the local community and freely offers advice, guidance and collaboration nationally.

Comcare is a practical organisation, understanding that health improvement is gained from a whole of life approach that assists people grow their confidence and skills to manage their own lives.

Comcare works from a Recovery orientation that identifies and builds on people’s strengths to assist them manage the challenges in life, grow personal confidence and build resilience.

Comcare Charitable Trust
Reg. No. CC10571