Code Of Rights

"Ko te whakaora, he hīkoi whakāmarama. Māna anō tōna ake ara whakaora e whakarau"

"A journey of discovery where an individual leads their own unique process of moving forwards"

Code Of Rights


To ensure Comcare establishes the rights of consumers and complies with the ‘Code of Rights’ under the Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994.


Comcare staff will comply with and inform all people who use their services of their rights under the Health & Disability Commissioner Act, which are:

  1. To be treated with dignity and respect
  2. To privacy and confidentiality
  3. To support and advocacy that upholds their human rights to independence, equal access to resources, safety and quality of life
  4. To make the decisions about the services they receive and make choices about whether they use a service based on a good understanding of the consequences of such decisions
  5. To decline to take part in any research or evaluation without this affecting the service they receive
  6. To choose to have their families/whanau/significant others involved in their support/care planning
  7. To know the names and roles of the people involved in the services they use
  8. To get information in a way that can be understood
  9. To see any information Comcare has about them, to know how it is used and how to correct any errors
  10. To have any complaints taken seriously and be treated fairly and quickly.