How We Work

"Ko te whakaora, he hīkoi whakāmarama. Māna anō tōna ake ara whakaora e whakarau"

"A journey of discovery where an individual leads their own unique process of moving forwards"

How We Work

Strengths Based Approach

Service delivery is based on a Recovery/Strengths approach where:

  • The service user owns their recovery process
  • Hope is encouraged, enhanced and/or maintained
  • The focus is on enhancing the strengths, abilities and resiliency of an individual
  • All people are treated as equals with the capacity to learn, change, make life decisions and choices, and take action to create life change – no matter how severe their symptoms
  • A holistic view is applied
  • Access to resources, opportunities and meaningful relationships is encouraged
  • The best clinical treatment is applied
  • Family involvement is encouraged.


A journey of recovery where an individual leads their own unique process of moving forwards

Comcare believes that:

  • Everyone has strengths and capacities
  • All people have the ability to change given the right conditions and resources
  • People can change and grow their strengths and abilities
  • People are their own experts
  • A problem is the problem, the person is not the problem
  • Problems can block people from noticing and appreciating their strengths and finding their own solutions
  • Building open and honest relationships promotes growth
  • The power for change is within us all.